Riverstone “Phyllite” Slate – SSQ’s Very Own Diamond

SSQ Riverstone Slate - Keith Builders Merchants Scotland

Our signature slate is Riverstone.

If you are looking for that something special for your roofing, cladding or architectural project, you have come to the right place.

Riverstone is technically a phyllite. And if you like slate, then you will LOVE phyllite.

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“Phyllite” slate marks a culmination:  It is what happens when the geological forces that form slate are permitted to continue.  With each step — from sediment to shale, from shale to slate and from slate to phyllite slate — the stone becomes harder, denser and stronger.

Phyllites have what is known as a “phyllitic sheen”.  This is a satin-like luster that helps to distinguish phyllite from slate in the field.

It is medium grey in colour, with the slightest hint of green, and has a slightly coarser grain than slate.

Commercially accessible phyllite roofing slate is rare — there are only a handful of sourced known worldwide, and even fewer that are able to split at the thickness required, to be suitable for use as a roof covering material.

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SSQ Riverstone Slate QuarryWe own and operate the San Luis quarry in La Repressa, deep in central Argentina, between the Pampas and the high Andes.  Quarried for centuries, our enormous reserves date back 560 million years to the pre-Cambrian era. Knowing the quality of our own stone we unequivocally back our stone with a watertight 100-year guarantee.

Riverstone is SSQ’s very own diamond, and it is now available for your special project through Keith Builder’s Merchants.

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